Will you be able to escape the most adrenaline packed and thought provoking team building event you’ve ever participated in? Choose your room to escape now!

3 Ways Escape Room Games
Enhances Employees Team Spirit

Understand each other

Escape rooms give employees the best opportunity to learn more about other members. This informal setting places no restriction whatsoever on any employee, so they feel free to talk to others and learn more the other person including their interests and preferences.

Such an experience is sure to help people to appreciate each other and this mutual feeling of respect and appreciation is sure to continue in the workplace as well.

strengths and weaknesses

Escape rooms help a person to understand the strengths and weaknesses of other employees. Different skills are needed to solve the challenge in an escape room, so each person will contribute in their own way to the challenge.

In fact, our escape rooms are designed in such a way that a group needs more than a few skills to decipher the clues hidden in the room and complete the challenge.

As a result, the strengths and weaknesses of one individual are known to others in a pressure-free environment, and this knowledge can come quite handy while solving organizational

Spirit of togetherness

This activity will help employees to understand the spirit of togetherness. They can understand how working together with each other’s strengths is essential to solving challenges. Also, when they succeed as a group, there is a feeling of accomplishment. It can particularly help in teams where there are ego clashes between different members.

To top it, every member of a team has to contribute and this activity can help to bring out the introverts and the shy ones from their shell. All this augurs well for good teams and this is why escape rooms make for a great team building exercise.

Escaping a room within a certain time limit yields one of the greatest and most exciting Team Building experiences you could ever imagine. Our escape rooms are built and created to be a difficult and challenging experience, that are highly possible to complete when all team members participate  with the belief that your team will successfully escape the room.

Our highly popular team building sessions create laughter, fun and a unique experience that will be remembered around the office for a long time to come. They give companies the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creative genius in a high pressure

Escape Rooms are great for team-building!


If you say, “Um…..That’s interesting” under your breathe and not out loud, how will everyone know that there is even a clue there? You won’t escape unless you share information. It isn’t simply good enough to just yell out something you found. That won’t yield the key! There is so much going on in the room that you must make sure that your idea is being heard and followed (unless it is the wrong idea).

  • LEAD
Teams that do not escape (around 70% nationwide), do not have enough leadership in their group to suggest concepts, decide on paths to follow or steer the group toward an outcome. It will take more than one strong leader to put everything together as there are multiple tasks that need to be completed simultaneously. Teams without leadership simply don’t  succeed!

Too many leaders in a group and no decisions will be made.You need a good balance, we’ve all heard to old expression “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians!” it’s true.

Your creative genius and speed by which you unleash it will reveal what is hidden to others. This is where that part of your brain that is known for suggesting absurd ideas is set free to slide down rainbows and be rewarded. Use it or perish.

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