Our Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for some new things to do, escape rooms are an exciting group activity that seeks to place you right in the middle of your own adventure.  To win, you’ll have to solve puzzles, find hidden clues, break secret codes, and take on other challenging activities before the time runs out.


All are welcome to play Escape the Room in Fort Wayne. Just bring your sense of adventure, creativity, and keen problem solving skills.


The intense and collaborative experience will be an unforgettable event that will stimulate your senses and challenge your intellect. It is a high-quality team building opportunity that is perfect for a corporate team or a date night.


Try something different for your anniversary or birthday. If you’re looking to impress a new date, this is a great way to show off your playful and relaxed side.


You have a creepy neighbor, you hear screams, moans and odd noises come from his apartment. As you are walking by his apartment, you hear a scream, you're not quite sure what to make of it. The door is ajar so you slowly open it and walk in, the next thing you know the apartment door slams shut behind you. You attempt to open it but it's been booby trapped and you are trapped. Can you solve all of the clues and puzzles, find the codes and keys you need to escape the room before the creepy neighbor gets home and catches you in his lair? How will you escape this apartment with a twist? If you escape you will find out where the screams are coming from. ​This is the room to escape. ​



The Declaration of Independence that was on display at the local museum has vanished. The curator has reviewed all of the CCTV footage and had everyone in the museum searched. No one has left the building. Your team of sleuths has been hired by the museum to find it. You are certain it is still inside, hidden by the thief so he can come back when the heat dies down and claim his prize. You have 60 mins until the FBI must be notified that a priceless piece of American history is missing.


Tips For A Successful Escape


You won’t escape unless you share information. It simply isn’t good enough to just yell out something you found. That won’t yield the key! There is so much going on in the room that you must make sure that your idea is being heard and followed (unless it is the wrong idea).


If there are too many leaders in a group, then no decisions will be made. Your time will run out and collecting vital data will be the least of your concerns.


Your creative genius and speed by which you unleash it will reveal what is hidden to others. This is where that part of your brain that is known for suggesting absurd ideas is set free to slide down rainbows and will be rewarded. Use it or face your fate.


Don’t be the group who waits to pay homage to the seven year old little boy in the back of the room who has said, “Hey Guys, I think I found something!” for the 27th time over the last 56 minutes while your backs are now against the wall and danger is about to be unleashed. Everyone on your team is equal and could very easily hold the creative genius inside of them that is required to find that data.


Individualism is awesome! But it is a one-way ticket to your demise in this session. There are challenges that could be found during the final minute that will take more than one person to conquer. If you had all day to escape and someone feeding you information then you might be able to get out by yourself… But you don’t!


With the time dwindling on the clock and a series of what appear to be dead end clues, it will seem as if your fate is sealed. Those that do escape, are the type who practice positive thinking and never give up no matter how much time is left. The majority of groups that escape do so with seconds on the clock in a movie like scenario that yields ample amounts of adrenaline!


There are multiple solutions for various puzzles in the room. If you are dead set on a solution simply because someone who you believed was “smart” gave you the answer, yet the answer doesn’t lead you further to finding more clues…then the “smart” person was wrong. The sooner someone says, “Maybe you are wrong”, the closer you will be to accomplishing your mission.


Groups that do not escape do not have enough leaders in their group to suggest concepts, decide on path's to follow or steer the group toward an outcome. It will take more than one strong leader to put everything together as there are multiple tasks that need to be completed simultaneously. Teams without leadership will be eliminated almost every time!


Read on to learn about our escape room rules!
  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to use the restroom and be a part of the team briefing.
  2. Please place all personal belongings(this includes cell phones) in the lockers with lock  provided for you before entering the room to escape. All of your items will be safe and you will have the key in your possession.
  3. It does not involve any dangerous activity inside the room. This is an intellectual game. Brains not brawn.
  4. Some clues are meant for later stages of the game. If you are not sure how to use a clue, move on and come back to it when you have more information.
  5. Each key fits one lock only. Some keys may not fit any lock. You cannot use a key more than once. You cannot use a code more than once.
  6. Please treat escape room props with care. All you have to do is examine them closely and discover the clues or information they contain. Objects that are marked with “do not touch” tape are out of bounds and do not contain any clues. They should not be moved, touched, or played with in any way. Don’t waste your precious time, time flies when you play the game. 
  7. No external tools or brute force are required. No climbing on objects or doing anything to the structure of the escape room.
  8. For your safety and the safety of others in the room, please do not bring any dangerous items into the room to escape  In the event of an emergency the first door you enter is not locked, there is an exit in the front of the building as well as the back.
  9. If you leave the room for any reason, like using the bathroom or checking your Facebook page, your game is over and you did not successfully escape the room. There are no refunds.
  10. If you are pregnant or expecting please notify us ahead of time as we do have special safety procedures to keep you and your baby safe in the event of an emergency.
  11. There are cameras in the room to monitor your progress and safety. 
  12. Do not panic, there is always a way out of the game if you feel the need to leave.
  13. If you did not book a private escape room you may have other people in your game. What an awesome time to make some new friends! 
  14. Teamwork makes the dream work and  is vital to escaping!
  15. No electronic devices, video recording  or picture inside any of the escape games
  16. Age restriction is at least 7 years old and an adult must accompany anyone under the age of 16
  17. The door is closed at your start time, if you are not here you cannot play your scheduled time, No Exceptions.
  18. Please keep all clues, solutions and combinations a secret shh..
  19. Wear comfortable clothes
  20. No heels
  21. No baby strollers  or carriers (including body wraps) please find a babysitter we don’t want you to have to watch little hands while you are trying to play.
  22. If you appear to be under the influence of anything you will not be allowed to play or given a refund.
  23. You play at your own risk, we cannot be held liable and you sign a waiver agreeing to that

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